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   Zhejiang Ruian Huafeng Plastic Industry Company

   For over 30 years, Huafeng has been a manufacturer specialized in the production of knitted nets and raschel

bags. Our main products are circular knitted mesh, header bags, raschel bags, raschel bags with handles, raschel

bags on rolls and pallet nets.

  Huafeng is located in the coastal province of Zhejiang and only a short distance to the port of Ningbo. We have

many years of experience working with international customers and over eighty percent of our production is exported

abroad to Australia, the US, and countries in Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.

  We understand that reasonable price, consistent quality and excellent service are the most important factors for

clients. We also understand that our clients have individual needs and therefore we are constantly innovating and

developing new products to fit those needs. We warmly welcome you to contact us or visit our factory to talk about

how we can best serve you.

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